Accessories for Your Vehicle

LED lightsSome drivers are perfectly happy to drive a vehicle that many others on the roadways always drive. The unfortunate truth is that many vehicles are sold with the same color, trim and other features, and the only physical differentiation between your vehicle and theirs may be your license plate. While this may be acceptable for some drivers, you may be looking for cost-effective ways to make your vehicle stand out with flair and class. There are a few ideas that you can consider.

Invest in New Lights
Whether your vehicle has daytime running headlamps or you want to look great when you drive down the road at night, investing in new lighting for your vehicle is the ideal solution. You can choose from many affordable lighting options, such as the 168 LED bulbs or other similar LED options. These have a unique glow that is unmistakable and unique, and the lights will truly help your vehicle to get recognition any time your lights are turned on. You can order affordable LED lights online, and most vehicle owners have the basic tools and knowledge necessary to exchange the light bulbs on their own with minimal time and effort.

Tint Your Windows
If your windows are not currently tinted, you can consider tinting them for extra style and class. The windows are among the most noticeable features on a vehicle, and darker windows can give a vehicle added allure and sophistication. As an additional benefit, they provide you with privacy while you drive and keep your vehicle from becoming too warm on hot summer days.

Upgrade Your Wheels
If you have a slightly larger budget to work with, you can take a closer look at some of the customized wheel options suitable for your vehicle. There are an amazing array of wheels in several different finishes that may be suitable for your vehicle, and each can add the extra touch of character you want for your vehicle. While this may be a more expensive upgrade to make, the fact is that upgrading your wheels will give your car unmistakable differentiation from other cars with the same make and model.

You could settle for driving the same vehicle that everyone else drives, or you could take a few extra steps to make your vehicle as unique as you are. Consider how you can implement some or all of these great ideas to add a touch of individual character to your car.

Excellent way to maintain car tyres in good condition

car tyresCar tyre maintenance is very important for vehicle owners if they want to achieve smooth driving for long time. Unsafe tyres will affect the steering capability and people will face difficulties at the times of driving. Generally, three factors will affect the durability of tyres and they have to understand that fact to meet possible gains. Regular checking of tyres is important to avoid cracking, bulging and some other things because it will let them to met accidents. There are many good ways to support the car tyres in good condition and they have to follow it to get proficient results. Replacement or repair of the tyres has to get performed immediately when tyres are not available at proper alignment. If car tyres are not available at proper alignment, they cannot increase the wearing capacity of it. Visual inspection of tyres once a month is essential to maintain the tyres in a safe way.

Lifespan of the car tyres can get increase when they find the specialist person in the market otherwise they cannot get instant solutions. Many tyres centres are available in their area and they have to find the trusted resources to gain the advantages in a higher manner. Additional tips are there to maintain the wear and tear caused daily and people have to hear it properly to get significant benefits. Optimal driving results can get achieved by persons when they follow the handy tips suggested by the specialists. Stability of the car steering can get maintained in a good manner when they understand the safety standards in maintaining it. Different kinds of tyres have to be used in different climates and so they have to replace the tyres according to their climate. Number of car tyres is available in the market and they can choose their favorite ones to gain benefits.

SUV cars between 3 to 5 lakh

Mahindra TharIn the past few decades, SUV market in India has shown a considerable growth. In keeping with the demands of the buyers and given the high price sensitivity of the Indian car market, the car makers are producing highly affordable SUV that are rich in features and offers a wonderful performance too. A few years ago it might have been difficult to find SUV best cars between 3 to 5 lakh but not in the current scenario. There are not many options to choose from among SUV cars between 3 to 5 lakh. Here is a discussion about the only two of them:

Mahindra Thar
Thar is a brilliant off-roader from Mahindra that that has a jeep-like design. It falls in the price range of Rs. 4.8lakh to Rs. 7.4lakh.

It looks muscular with a big chrome bull bar at the front along with 2 Hella fog lamps, the large round head lamps and a large MM540 like bonnet. It flaunts 16 inch alloy wheels with tubeless tyres. The roof of the vehicle has a roll over bar that is practical and makes it look macho from every angle. The rectangular tail lights at the rear with round reflectors on the bumpers along with the Stepney on the rear door make it look stylish form the rear. The inside is very basic and the vehicle can accommodate seven people comfortably.

The Mahindra Thar 4X2, which is priced at Rs. 4.8lakh and is the base variant falling in the category of SUV cars between 3 to 5 lakh, is powered by a DI engine producing 63bhp of power and 182.5Nm of torque. The engine is mated to 5 speed manual gearbox.

Premier Rio
Premier is the oldest brand in the Indian automobile market and has come up with an affordable urban compact SUV that is priced in the range of Rs. 4.71lakh to Rs. 7.24lakh. Its variant named Premier Rio Plus GX lies the category of SUV cars between 3 to 5 lakh as it is priced at Rs. 4.71lakh. The car carries a 1.2-litre, 4 cylinder, 1173cc engine that churns out 76.6bhp of power and 103.9Nm of torque. It has been paired with a 5-speed manual transmission. This compact SUV can deliver a mileage of around 15kmpl. It sports features like body coloured bumpers, rear spoiler, halogen headlights, front fog lights, tinted windows, steel wheels, roof rails, fabric covered seats, power door locks, power windows, electrical ORVMs, steering adjustment, tilt steering etc. It targets the aspiring customer who is seeking SUV cars between 3 to 5 lakh. It is an excellent handler too and gives the buyer a taste if true front-engine rear wheel drive. Also Check out CNG cars in india at

4 Things to Think About When Restoring a Classic Car

Classic CarAre you considering restoring a classic car? There are a lot of things to take into consideration, including the purchase price, availability of parts, the expected value after restoration, and overall desirability. In the end, some cars are worth restoring and some aren’t. Of course, it’s ultimately a personal decision – you may want to restore your grandfather’s car for personal reasons even if it’s going to take a long time to find the right parts.. Read on for four things you should know about restoring a car yourself or having one restored.

1. Even if you make the smartest financial decisions possible, be prepared – restoring a car is no cheap project. In the end, the total expenditures are going to be expensive and there’s almost no way to avoid that. The more common the car is, the more you’ll save in the long run.

2. If you want to complete the restoration quickly without spending too much money or having trouble finding the right parts, opt for a car that isn’t rare. No, you won’t necessarily be the star of the next car show you attend, but you can finish the renovation sooner rather than later and possibly make a few bucks when you’re ready to sell it.

3. What you initially pay for the car has a lot to do with what you’ll be able to eventually sell it for, following the restoration. Sure, there are cars you can buy for just a few thousand dollars, but they’re not going to resell for nearly as much as a $20,000 car will. What you put in plays a big role in what you’ll get out of the investment.

4. There are plenty of companies that make reproduction parts, particularly body panels and trim for the exterior. This makes restoring a common classic car far less complicated than it might be with a rare model.

If value and parts availability aren’t a factor in your decision to restore a car, go for it! Some people have a personal attachment to a particular type of car and others simply love the challenge that their hobby brings them. Don’t want to go it alone? Get a quote from a pro to find out how much your restoration project will cost.

Ways to maintain the engines of car

engineEngine is called as heart of the car. It should be maintained well to have long last uses without any problem. let us see how to maintain the engine of cat to use it for a long period. Some of the causes to common problems occurred in the engines of vehicles are driving vehicle on low oil, lack of changes in oil, using low quality petrol or diesel, parts and design flaws and racing or driving the vehicle with excessive idling. Engine of the vehicle has lot of rotating and moving parts that need to be lubricated well. this is the role of oil to make the engine perform smoothly. As we drive the vehicle, the engine oil will degrade gradually and lack its lubricating qualities. So, people should change the engine oil regularly for better performance. Since the level of engine oil drops people have to check the oil level regularly.

Driving the vehicle with low oil can lead to engine damage. Next thing that should be done by the vehicle owners is protecting the engine from getting overheated. The fuel that burns inside the engine can produce heat. Maintaining the temperature of the engine under control is done by the cooling system. this system circulates the liquid coolant from engine into radiator that is installed in front of the car. The coolant is cooled by the air flow that passes through radiator fins. Owners of vehicle should know about conventional mineral oil and synthetic oil. Many new cars are using the synthetic oil to protect the engine. Some of the benefits of this oil are that it helps in withstanding higher temperature, work longer and no lose of lubricating qualities. Vehicle owners who like to avoid frequent repairing cost can maintain the engine and other parts of vehicle and keep their vehicles in good condition.