Arrival of the New Mazda CX 5

mazda-cx-5Cute!!! Though cute is not the word generally associated with cars but after seeing the new Mazda CX5 that is the first word that will come to your mind. The design is totally new and is extremely attractive. The compactness of the car and the blue color I drove helped the car have an enchanting allure about it. Though the car is not adept for everyday rough use, this is an ideal second car you must have. Exquisite looks coupled with smooth handling and the mobility allowed by subcompact cars makes the new Mazda CX 5 worth a buy.

CX5 comes with all standard features. The highest grade front drive edition is equipped with 19 inch alloys covered with 225/55R19 Toyo rubbers, heated mirrors, power moonroof and rain sensing wipers. Additional features like tilt/telescoping steering wheel, heated leather sport seats, Bluetooth phone connectivity, auto locks for doors and windows and rearview camera. The 1 GT, Grand Touring Model is available at only $1,325 more and adds some significant features with the Grand Touring Model like navigation, keyless entry, auto dimming rearview and bixenon HID lamps with auto on/off provision.

The car’s most admirable features are its compact looks, comfortable interiors, simple navigation interface, sleek and modern styling and media system. What makes CX5 such a phenomenon is not it’s features but the sheer driving comfort. You will get the feel of a toy car while driving the CX5, so smooth is the handling. The feel of the chassis farther invigorates the driving experience. To sum up the car is a joy to ride irrespective of the kind of road you are driving it on. The car is also extremely fuel efficient and generally gives 32 mpg on highways and 26 mpg on city roads. The base price of the car is also at an extremely affordable range around $28,140.

Test drive the CX 5 in Philadelphia’s own car dealer, Reedman Mazda and gleam in the joyfulness of the ride. Do not mistake the CX5 for one of Mazda’s usual speed creation though as the CX5 has 2.0 liter four cylinders and 155 horsepower. The car has a decent acceleration and can reach up to 60 kilometer per hour from standstill in 9.4 seconds. Braking is also approvable and the car comes to a complete halt from 60 kilometer per hour in 113 feet after the brakes are applied.

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