Evolution of Honda Motorcycles

The popular Honda Company started making motorcycles in 1946. The first motorcycles produced were 2-stroke motorbikes and began exporting these small sized motorcycles to the U.S. in 1959 and setup offices in Los Angeles. In the 1970’s Honda began dominating much of the U.S. market as Americans started replacing the popular British motorcycles of Norton and Triumph.

Started to Take Off

The Honda CB125 was a popular model that sold throughout the U.S. from 1973-1985. This little motorbike was responsible for popularizing lightweight motorcycles for daily use. It wasn’t fast, but had just enough power for many.

Need Power

In the early 1970’s Honda started to see the need for more power. They began manufacturing 175cc machines, which provided more than enough power to be used on major highways.


The 1980’s was a breakout decade for Honda. The company’s previous smaller models were popular and had decent sales, but it became apparent that in order to reach the largest market possible they needed to produce bigger bikes. They began the production of high-powered racing bikes and cruisers. British users started buying Honda motorcycles UK as the bikes started gaining more notoriety.


This was a decade of rapid expansion and improved technology. In the 1990’s Honda began manufacturing popular racing models and a variety of touring cruiser motorcycles. With global sales and exports, the Honda motorcycle line began dominating worldwide markets. Popular models were the Honda Nighthawk, Shadow, and CBR. These models are still wildly popular and produced to this day.


The new millennium has brought continued dominance for Honda. The company’s wide range of on and off-road motorcycles are quite popular throughout the world. The advanced technology utilized by the company each year has made them a market leader and kept Honda motorcycles UK on top of podiums and on the streets of Britain and the rest of the world.


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