How to Negotiate a Car Lease Price

New car leasing is a venture that you’ve finally decided to go on. You’re really tired of always wondering if your car is going to break down today, and even more sick of having to pay for expensive repairs. Of course, the overall cost and the monthly cost are still of concern to you, so how can you negotiate the price on a car lease?

A Longer Lease Period

One of the benefits of a car lease, be it a Citroen car leasing program or not, is that you can bring it back in a few years, pick a new car and start the leasing process all over again. If you’re looking to bring the car back in three years or so, the monthly payments are likely to be more than if you waited six years. For a car, six years is not terribly old, and if you keep up with the maintenance, you should be fine.

Driving Less Kilometers

Another component that comes into car leasing is the amount of kilometers you drive per year. In general, dealerships are going to put a limit on how far you can go. After all, when they receive these cars back, they want to be able to sell them again. Find out if you can pay less if you sign a contract to drive a smaller number of kilometers than originally suggested. Of course, if you do wind up going over this number, the monetary penalties could be large.

Overall Price and Monthly Payment

You need to decide if you’re going to try to negotiate on both or one of these components. Often, it’s better to stick with one. It helps you to create a more focused argument, and you are probably likely to get what you want. For example, if you try to negotiate for both at the same time, you might wind up with a higher total price due to interest but a lower monthly payment spread out over a longer time. This is not usually what anyone wants when it comes to leasing a vehicle. It’s often best, especially for those who are inexperienced with negotiating car prices, to bring someone along who knows about these types of tactics and strategies.

No one wants to pay full price for a car or really for anything. However, sometimes, it is necessary, and the price simply cannot be changed. Still though, it does not hurt to try to find the best ways to save as much money as possible on the car lease.

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