Four Dependable Cars for Transporting the Entire Soccer Team

You have kids, so many kids, and they have friends, so many friends. It’s time to take them all to soccer practice, or any other team sport, and you don’t feel like it’s fair to cram 10 kids in the back of your Accord. That makes sense, because they can’t all fit, and they’ll smell up the back seat anyway. You have to bite the bullet and get a car that can fit the entire team, because it’s a fact that sometimes it’s your turn to drive. You can try to get out of it as much as you want, but if you get one of these vehicles, you’ll be volunteering to drive more often!

1. Honda Odyssey


Anyone knows that a minivan is a great car for transporting your family and friends around, but not all minivans are made equal. The Honda version is far and away the coolest, the best to drive, and it maintains a great resale value (so you can pawn your van off on another mom in ten years and go back to driving something cool now that the kids are in colleges). It handles more like a sedan, and the sliding doors make it easy to get the kids in and out. It has pep and pizzazz and you’ll be the envy of all other parents at the game, unless they have Odysseys, which some will, because it’s a very smart and popular minivan.

2. Chevrolet Suburban

Maybe it’s a cliché to get the most suburban-named car for your suburban soccer mom or dad life, but there’s a reason to go for something that has the apropos name. You’re going to lose a coin or two on gas from this monster, but you can every one and their friends and their bags and cleats and orange slices and water into this thing and still have room for one or two more stragglers. Find one at MK Smith Chevrolet and you’ll be impressed by its size. The pictures have nothing on the real life version. Look at and find a Suburban, then see one in real life – it’s almost a whole zoom level off!

3. Subaru Outback

This flagship car of the Subaru fleet is a fantastic option for the soccer mom, as well as the those who have done their duty and are on to being college parents. There’s something about its versatility that makes it a universal win. It has more pep than most wagons, and its higher wheel base allows it to have a high degree of safety also uncommon among wagons typically. Find some used Outbacks online and get the whole team in there, though will some have to ride in the trunk which, though maybe unsafe, is a whole heck of a lot of fun.

4. Honda CRV

The CRV is perfect for soccer team transportation because the kids can ride easily in the roomy backseat while still having room for a passenger and more kids in the back. This car will last a while, too, since it’s from the reliable Honda family. It’s a great SUV because it doesn’t have the negative aspects of the larger SUV’s, as it’s on the smaller end of the spectrum. Parents will love how it handles and how it carries a degree of sex appeal, while still being of the utmost practicability. Impress the rest at the field!

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