Get Ready to Test Drive the New Fiat 500

fiat-500Originally born in the 4th of July, 1957 in Italy the Fiat 500 has continued to charm every potential car buyer for six decades now. The car had a shape similar to the modern day Volkswagen Beetle and the engine was located in the rear. It had a top speed of 55 miles per hour and could travel upto 52 mpg. The car was available in two variants, the wagon and the two door coupe and became extremely popular throughout Italy.




The new Fiat 500 was first introduced in Mexico in 20008 and was available in three engine variants, two petrol variants and one diesel. The entry level variant of new Fiat 500 boasts of a powerful engine of 1242 cc with 69 PS, which is a considerable increase over the 1950s variant of the car. The higher variants have a displacement as high as 1368 cc with 162 PS.



There are seven built in airbags with the New Fiat 500. Other driving aides like the electronic stability program, antislip regulation, hydraulic brake assistance and ABS brakes. EuroNCap awarded five stars to the 500, the shortest car NCap awarded five stars to following the BMW Mini.


Entry to America

Fiat 500 was first introduced to the American crowd in 2010 in the International Auto Show. It caught the imagination of the American crowd immediately and has gone a long way in resurrecting the total brand image of Fiat in the country. The car has been so successful in America that it has been hailed in large parts as a symbol of modern day design.


If you have been gorging over the Fiat 500, you can test drive the FIAT 500 in PA, at Reedman-Toll. The excellent customer oriented approach of Reedman-Toll is one of the reasons they have become a preferred destination for potential car buyers. In case if you have any queries you can also call their helpline at (866) 553-7321.


The reason for the success of the Fiat 500 in Philadelphia can be attributed to the fact that it has incorporated the racing tradition of most American cars. Moreover, it provides Americans with a way to experience cars with Italian performance at an affordable price. The 500 boasts of high performance, an aggressive style and an impressive power-to-weight ratio. If you are deliberating upon whether the car will suit you or not, book a test drive as soon as possible with Reedman-Toll.

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