How to Prepare Your Car – and Yourself – for a Good Sell

We’ve all heard it before, haven’t we? It’s not that easy to sell your car, especially if you have no idea how the whole process works. You have to do certain things in order to make sure that you get value for your car, and you have to advertise it in such a way that you get only the good prospective buyers. This entails a lot of effort – and at times like these, it is a good option to look for a car reseller company to help you.


But if you are planning to sell your car, you must sell your car at the right place and make sure you are not cheated. So if you want to sell your car with confidence, then you must take a closer, more circumspect look at the things you need to do.



I wanted to sell my car with confidence – and I did, thanks to an honest and reputable dealer

Image attributed to Wikimedia Tino Rossini


A few years ago, I was in dire need of a new car. I had a car that had been my loyal companion for a long time. I was not exactly looking forward to letting it go. But if I was to be practical, I knew I had to sell my car and get a new one before it depreciated even further.


So to prepare my car for its new owner and get an instant, honest and fair price, I had to take care of some aspects.


First step: Get an honest valuation for your car

This may be easier said than done, especially with the many unscrupulous car dealers out there. But it is possible. With a good car valuation, you will have an exact idea of its value and will not end up regretting selling your car. You can get a good valuation from an honest, reputable car reseller – if you don’t know where to go, you can do a simple online search and settle for the dealership that has the most to offer in expertise and services.


Second step: Get a recent MOT

It would be a good idea for you to get a new MOT for your car, so potential buyers have a good impression of it and will, therefore, be more willing to pay a price that is agreeable to you. In fact, the UK government urges car owners to get an MOT test once a year if their car is more than three years old. Besides, you can’t really drive on the road if you have an expired MOT – so before getting anything else, a recent MOT is a priority.


Third step: Compile all your car’s paperwork

Compiling the paperwork and documents related to your car is a big help. Not only will you be well prepared if someone wants to snatch your car up right away, you will also be saved a headache when you are ready to deal with a car reseller or meet with a prospective buyer. Gather documents such as the MOT certificate, your car’s service records, and your log book. If you have saved all the receipts for work done on your car, include them as well. Buyers will be happy to know that you are well organised.


If you want to sell your car with confidence, make sure you follow these steps. It will definitely make your car more sellable and give you an edge over your potential buyers.

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