If Only You Could Bottle Sound

History is filled with all sorts of crazy attempts to do things that so far have proved to be impossible. If you look back on just the last 400 or 500 years of history, it becomes obvious that many things that man had aspired to and thought to be impossible have actually come to be true. Yes, Leonardo da Vinci did design a very simple flying machine, but we don’t have any records as to whether anyone actually ever tried to build it and make it work. Chances are. it wouldn’t have. And yet 400 years later, the first modern aeroplanes were built. Interestingly enough, they look absolutely antique and crude, compared to our modern passenger and military jets. This doesn’t even count on our expertise with rockets, and the ability to put man in space and reach as far as the moon.

benzGet a fast, but secure ride with the C63 AMG coupe

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There is one ancient myth which has proven to be true. Since ancient times, man has tried to turn any base metal into gold, obviously without success. Otherwise, gold would not be worth what it is today! Not that there hasn’t been a lack of trying, mind you. All sorts of charlatans and crackpots throughout history have claimed they could achieve this feat. It may very well be that one day our modern technological expertise will allow us to do that. But for the moment, gold is gold and there really is no substitute,


Putting Sound in a Bottle

Now we all know that you really can’t put sound in a bottle, close it in and open it up again and listen to the sound again. But we do have modern electronic recorders which are hardly bigger than a cigarette lighter, and can actually record an hour or more of any sound or conversation that we want. This too would have seemed incredible to people just 100 years ago, who were just beginning to discover some of the basic properties of sound, and how to communicate over a fixed line. There is no doubt that the early telephone service change the lives of many people forever, and pointed towards the way forward for all of our more recent technological achievements.


Sounds worth Listening to

Many people have some favourite sounds that they enjoy keeping on their smart phones or little digital recorders. The sound of their children’s voices, perhaps a gentle rainfall in a forest, or other sounds from nature comfort and relax people. Others look for something that inspires them and gets the blood flowing, such as the sound of a Mercedes C63 AMG coupe. Many car aficionados are justifiably enamoured with the sound of a powerful V-8 engine, and this outstanding car from Mercedes provides all the right notes.


Great Things in a Snarling Package

There is no doubt that this exceptional coupe from Mercedes has been perfected over the years to the point where it is the pinnacle of automotive excellence. Furiously fast and exceptionally responsive, it not only has speed in mind, but also accurate handling and exceptional stopping power.

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