Nissan Frontier – The Rugged Nissan Truck With Easy Drive Facility

Nissan is one of the top notch labels when it comes to automobiles and Nissan Frontier is one among the most sought after makes from the eminent Nippon auto maker. It’s a popular preference for those who don’t require the hauling abilities and greater towing of full-size pickup. The car made its first appearance in the year 1998 and is still looked upon as a dominant pick among the car aficionados. Nissan Frontier debuted with 4 cylinder/V6 engine in a livable rugged package. If you want to know more about Nissan Frontier, follow the write up below as it concerns about various aspects of the car.

It’s to note here that Nissan Frontier has passed on 2 generations. The latest truck is comparatively more powerful and bigger than the initial make and comes as a good midsize pickup- however, both the current and earlier options are designed to satiate a huge range of car enthusiasts. The second-generation make offers new interior styling, bigger dimensions & stronger engine capacity in comparison to the original version. The new Nissan Frontier has been developed with more aggressive outlook. You will get fenders with bolt-on extensions and better sculpted tailgate in comparison to any of the trucks available previously.

The latest Frontier make comes in extended King Cab & crew cab styles. There are 4 trim levels such as economical S, better-appointed SV, very rugged Pro-4X & best of the lot SL. The King Cab SV & S trim levels come with 152 hp, 2.5 l 4 cylinder engine & standard 5-speed manual transmission. The automatic 5 speed transmission is an optional feature. In case of Pro 4X & crew cabs, you will get a sturdy 4 l V6 261 horsepower capacity engine. There is the Desert-Runner package with tougher styling and Bilstein shocks for Pro 4X Frontier versions.

The Nissan Frontier has always impressed the car experts with its great rugged capacities & easy driving character. It assures easy maneuvering and its optional V6-engine leads to a surprisingly quick acceleration. Yes, the rear seats are little uncomfortable, but Nissan Frontier is a strongly recommended name when you need great pickup functionality without a hole in your pocket.

Are you too n a plan for Nissan Frontier? That’s good and it’s to stress here that repairing and maintenance of the car is easy and you will be able to perform it yourself only. There are several Nissan Frontier repair service manuals available from various websites such as seen on

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