Review of the new Honda Civic

Everyone deserves a car they can count on to get them through anything. Whether travelling to work each day or on an extended holiday, your vehicle needs to be strong, dependable and cost effective. The new Honda Civic provides drivers with the features they love and the perfect design they need to get where ever they need to go.

While several Honda cars are available click here, the latest Civic design really stands out. The hatchback’s smooth style didn’t need to go through a radical redesign to become popular. It’s classic shape tones down the extreme style of Ford and Renault Megane makes. The sleek design helps the car with fuel efficiency and speed control, as well as offering a narrower shape that allows the car to easily be manipulated down tight streets and corners.

The Civic wasn’t designed with fun in mind, but still offers the gadgets and comfortable interior that anyone can appreciate. The high-tech interior offers a classic feel that is easy to understand. Bluetooth compatibility and climate control make driving more comfortable. Plush seats help to keep you feeling your very best even on long trips down the motorway. While noise in the car is controlled, the hard-working engine can create a bumpy ride. Previous models tended to experience this more than the latest Civic model, which has a notably smooth ride.

Maintenance on the Honda Civic is fairly simple. Honda uses excellent-quality parts when building their vehicles. The sturdy parts are built to be long lasting when properly cared for. The quality engine also makes for an excellent fuel economy and allows the car to speed up to 62mph in under nine seconds.

The Honda Civic is also very cost effective. The economical vehicle works to help save you money even after you are impressed by the low price tag. The diesel engines tend to offer much better fuel economy, returning about 78 miles per gallon in the 1.6 litre version. They also emit less Carbon Monoxide, emitting less than 100g/km of CO2 on average. This environmentally-friendly vehicle could be exempt from road tax, depending on the make you ultimately choose.

The best features of the new Honda Civic are definitely on the interior. A special ECON button helps to make the car even more efficient as it adjusts the throttle, giving you better mileage.

Whether you are looking for a new car that will hold a strong resale value or a dependable ride around town, the new Honda Civic offers a classic feel with many modern touches. It is also important to buy from trusted dealerships such as Vertu Honda. That way you know you are getting a reliable and professional service.

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