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sell-carIt is important to avoid the pitfalls that exist and trap the unwary in the car trade, regardless of whether you are buying or selling. If you can find the right company, one that can demonstrate the satisfaction of previous clients with the service then that is the way to go.

Pitfalls in selling

Many people regard cars as a necessity in this day and age, but few know a great deal about their value and the factors that will help them retain their value. There is no doubt that a car with few owners, regularly serviced and relatively low mileage will be worth more than the exact same model, same year but high mileage and a service history that cannot be verified.

It means that when you come to sell your car and you wish to do it independently, rather than trade it in against a new model, you will probably need help. There has always been a guide price available but it is very general and the value often given falls within a fairly wide band. What you should do is find a reliable company that has built up solid good reputation, one which will offer a valuation that you can accept or reject without there being any comeback or charge involved.

Make comparisons

It does not stop you from going to a local dealer and asking for a valuation. You can compare this to other valuations you may have received. To obtain a reliable valuation for your car, you must be sure to be honest with the information you provide. You will need to be accurate with that information and if you are, and the valuation and checks concur, the payment you receive wil be a true reflection of that first valuation.

It is the kind of service that consumers have always considered beneficial in the car trade. It is one that provides peace of mind, that they are receiving the right price and that the money for the sale will be transferred into their bank account promptly.

Market factors

There are fluctuations in the market; that is normal and a reflection of the difficult trading conditions that have existed recently, although the signs of recovery are good. Value is partly dependent upon demand for the vehicle. Many people have delayed changing their car in recent years, but as the economy improving have now started to do so in greater numbers. The price you can expect to receive for your car will be based upon the market for that model and the mileage it has completed.

It is then for you to do your calculations. If you can negotiate a better price for your new car by not having a trade in then the figures will show you the route to take.

People have several concerns when it comes to selling their cars. If they can sell to friends that’s fine. If they need to sell to the trade, websites such as http://thecarbuyingservice.co.uk/ as a singular example offer a straightforward transparent system. Guided through the various steps with answers to many of the questions they may have, increasing numbers of consumers are taking this path to fast tracking the sale of their cars.

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