The Dodge Journey Is the Car Of 2013

The Dodge is a fantastic vehicle to choose from.  The 2013 Dodge Journey model has to be one of the better options for any driver and it certainly meets the grade in many ways.  The space inside the vehicle is very impressive; not the most spacious but it certainly does offer enough room for comfort for both driver and passengers.  This vehicle does excel in most areas and can compete with some of the high end vehicles of today also.

There are options for a third row seat which can offer seven seat capacity.  However, there are a lot of small storage compartments to work with is really great especially when you need a lot of space when travelling.  There is the great integrated child booster seat and this is a family friendly vehicle which is of course a massive plus for any family.

With the first and second row of seating, you are going to be able to get enough space to sit comfortably through long drives.  Though when you add a third row of seating, it will only really be suitable for children because there is not a lot of room available for full grown adults.  Though, the push button start is really good.

The only real notable change for the 2013 model has to be there are more standard features with the Crew trim.  However, there are not many other notable features that stand out with this Dodge Journey.  However, there are still some good and bad points to this Dodge.  So let’s face with the good points first.

There is a powerful V6 engine option as well as there being the option to seat seven people inside the Dodge.  There are also the family friendly features to contend with, these are optional features however so you don’t have to choose these if you don’t want to.  Though, there are also some points which don’t meet the grade.

The underpowered base engine isn’t as impressive and the interior system isn’t the best either.  However, forget about these two things because the rest of the vehicle is reliable.  With the four speed automatic transmission accompanying the four cylinder engine, it does make for some good reading.  There is ample power for any journey so you really don’t have to worry too much about not being able to have a smooth journey.  You should use Reedman Dodge, serving Philadelphia.

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