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Get to know about folding bikes before you buy

folding bikeThere are many things that you will have to check out in the bikes. New category and style of the bikes are there in the market, but in all the cases, you need to get the latest styles. There are some of the top models now in the form of folding bikes. They look great and have some best folding bike reviews 2016. You will be glad to know the fact that in recent days there is an increasing trend in the demands of the folding bike in the market. The features of these cycles are so tempting that you will find it hard to resist you from buying one for your use. Among school goers, this form of cycles is a hit and people of all ages also loving it too. If you can manage to do a survey on the market on folded bike cycle you will get a clear view why people are liking it so much and opting it as one of the best media of transport.


The reviews state that the bike is really fancy and easy to carry anywhere. The light weight of the bike is going to give many things to the users, but along with that, there are some designer problems too. According to the best folding bike reviews 2016, the folding bikes are having a height that is high enough but is having the wheels at such a low height that the riders face a problem. This issue has been fixed in the latest models, which you can avail from the online stores.

Gear system

The gear systems in the bike are specially made in a way that you are going to get the best support. Some of the bikes are having a single gear, while others are having gears up to 3. So, you are going to get the best support from them.


Finally, you will like to know the price of the folding bike. The price ranges from 500 pounds to 800 pounds. So, you are going to get the best support from the bikes. Just go to the online portals and find the right help from there. In all the possible ways you are going to get a better support that you need to check here. You will find a better help in all possible ways and that you can do it very well, from the online portals.

Once you get there to the portals, you will find so many options, that at one time you will feel confused. However, the best way is to get through the technology that is used in them.  There are many brands which are manufacturing folded bike and you need to research well to make the best pick for your use. Do read the reviews on the reputed sites before you buy one for your use. There are different prices for different models and so you need to know what budget and features will be best suited for you. Make your buy today.

What ESP technology is

espESP is an acronym for Enhanced Smart Power where the purpose of the technology is to create a machine that is fuel efficient, environmentally friendly and powered. Initially ESP technology was applied globally Honda in 2011 ago. Currently there are 3 new Honda motorcycle equipped with this engine, the Honda PCX 150, Vario Techno, and BEAT ESP 2015. The three motorcycles are marketed in Southeast Asia, especially in Indonesia. ESP provides combustion technology on a perfect through vertical rotation and maximum flow while mixing fuel with air, so that the spreading is more evenly. In addition, this technology can reduce friction with the application of an offset cylinder, roller rocker arm and cylinder walls textured to keep a perfect circular shape so as to reduce distortion and other losses due to friction.

Through an optimal way, the basic ESP technology is able to provide maximum benefit to the motorcycle. ESP Technology can maximize the efficient combustion and minimize friction to reduce the risk of wasted, and can optimize the energy that comes out of the precious fuel. With the workings of the latest offset cylinder, frictions between piston and cylinder components become more minimal so that power transmitted to the crankshaft would be more perfect. While the linear surface of the piston is also made with a texture like orange peel which is claimed to remove heat more rapidly.

In addition, ESP is integrated with the ACG starter which is able to start the engine more subtle without sound, as well as the basis for the application of advanced features Idling Stop System (ISS) which is able to turn off the engine when stationary for more than 3 seconds and riders only need to pull the gas lever to turn it on again. One of the advantages of this technology is a very low noise level. This technology allows the Honda Beat ESP turns on silent without a sound condition.

Honda launches new Activa, sports bike CBR 650F

Honda launched two new vehicles at the 2014 Auto Expo: an updated version of the company’s popular scooter the Activa 125, and the company’s new sports bike the CBR 650F.

Both of these vehicles are expected to sell extremely well in India and the UK. India is a particularly lucrative market for Honda, as the country is beginning to embrace sport bikes. With little sport bike competition, Honda is hoping to get in early and corner a percentage of the market.

Let’s take a look at the Activa 125 and the Honda CBR 650F.

Activa 125
The Activa 125 is destined for both the Indian and UK market. It will however be assembled in India, and together with the new sports bike, Honda will create 3,000 new jobs thanks to a production capacity extension. The Activa 125 scooter is powered by a 125cc engine. It can be optioned with disc brakes, tubeless tyres, digital metres and alloy wheels, and it is likely to become a prominent face on British roads.

Due to the hype, the Activa 125 currently commands a huge waiting list, and many potential buyers are offering more money just to get their hands on one early. With an output of 8.6 bhp, the Activa will be among the quicker 125cc scooters on the road.

A large under seat storage area and an all-new instrument panel will set the all-new Activa apart from the older model.

CBR 650F
The CBR 650F will be the largest capacity motorbike ever built by Honda in India. It is powered by Honda’s all-new DOHC 4 cylinder featuring PGM-FI (electronic fuel injection) and it will be mated to a 6-speed gearbox. Two-piston callipers with dual 320mm discs up front and a rear single-calliper 240mm disc will offer excellent stopping power.

Designed for low-end and mid-range torque, the sports bike will be just at home on the road as it will be on the track. The bike benefits from a twin-spar steel frame for structural support, and the all-new multi-function instrument panel brings some new tech to the sports bike segment.

Honda have been quick to point to the everyday rider credentials of the 650F, noting the bikes ability for handling weekend sport riding, long trips, short commutes, and riding with a passenger.

The Activa 125 will be coming to the UK in April 2014, according to Grantham Honda Bikes. The CBR 650F will be available mid-2015, although this date could be pushed forward.

Top 3 used Honda motorcycles to consider

1. Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade 2006 – 2007

First place on our list goes to the fantastic Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade. Produced between 2006 – 2007, this model improved on the 2004 – 2005 version significantly, and proved to be much more popular in the UK.

With a brutal 998cc engine that developed 170 bhp giving the Fireblade a 170 mph top speed, you’d be forgiven for thinking that this is one of the most intimidating bikes you could own. On the contrary, the CBR1000RR Fireblade was easy to ride, and it proved to be extremely popular as a first 1000cc category bike for riders.

Grantham Honda’s used Honda bikes include the Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade. It offers sharp balance, terrific handling, and it benefits from a quality suspension and big brakes for stopping power. Back in 2006, this WAS the best bike for covering ground quickly. It might not be the latest model today, but it’s still a fantastic bike – be sure to check a used version thoroughly before buying.

2. CB1000R 2008 – Present

The Honda CB1000R is one of the best bikes money can buy today. It has the Fireblade engine but in this bike it’s retuned to offer better mid-range performance. The result is a bike that’s extremely flexible and a joy to ride every day – even in city centres, although, it works best on country lanes!

Launched in 2008 the CB1000R develops 130 bhp and 100 lb /ft of torque, which makes it good for a quarter mile time of just 11.4 seconds. It also weighs only 217kg, and so in-gear response is blistering.

What makes this bike such a great second hand buy is that it’s an enthusiasts machine, which means it’s going to have been well looked after. With a 43mm upside down front forks which are fully adjustable and twin 310mm front discs with four-caliper pistons, this bike is ideal for riding hard.

3. CB500 1994 – 2003

Many riders like to buy bikes that are under just a few years old, but if you want a bike that’s going to cost hardly anything and will prove to be extremely reliable, then the Honda CB500 is hard to not recommend.

Produced between 1994 and 2003, this bike features an extremely reliable 500c engine that has proven itself as bomb-proof. It’s also cheap to run and easy to maintain. The engine revs to 8000 rpm and you will love stringing out every one of this bikes 57 bhp. The gearbox is smooth and the ride is comfortable.

This a cruising bike, and so we recommend finding one that’s eaten up motorway miles, rather than country lane miles. Try to find a good 2000 – 2003 example.

What are the best Honda bikes for new riders

When you’re first starting to learn riding a bike, it’s important to choose a machine that you’re comfortable with – after all, you will likely have this machine for a year, and it could even be the bike that you take your test on. Once you’ve passed your CBT, you’re free to ride a bike on L plates with a capacity of up to 125cc.

If you’re looking for a good 125cc motorbike to find your feet on, consider these excellent options from Honda.


1. Honda CBR125R

The Honda CBR125R looks fantastic – this is a sport bike through and through, despite the bikes lowly engine capacity. With a comfortable ride, easy to use controls, excellent grip and linear power delivery, this is an excellent choice for a new rider. This bike has 13 bhp and 8 lb /ft of torque, but it weighs only 127kg, so it has a good power to weight ratio. It will reach a top speed of 70 mph.

This is one of the most reliable 125cc motorbikes in the world. It will serve you well, and once you’re ready, you can make the jump to a CBR250R.


2. Honda CBF125

This bike, in my opinion, looks even better than the CBR – the CBF is more relaxed and more of a cruiser, with a more upright riding position, which will be more comfortable for newer riders. This bike has a reputation for comfort, quality and running costs, and the seat has plenty of room for a passenger. So good is this bike that many experienced bikers use one in built up city centres, where the need for a big and powerful bike that guzzles fuel is low.

This bike has a brand new price of just £2,600, and Honda offer fantastic finance deals over 3 years, allowing you to spread the cost. Biking has never been more accessible!


3. Honda CG125

If sport bike looks aren’t your thing, you can do far worse than a Honda CG125. This bike lays claim to being one of the most comfortable and smooth 125cc’s on the market, and although it was launched in 1985, it has been continuously improved over its lifetime and today it’s better than ever. This is undoubtedly the sensible choice when it comes to choosing your very first proper bike. Grantham Honda used bikes include the CG125, and they recommend this for newer riders.

This bike has 11 bhp and 7 lb /ft of torque, weighs 114 kg, and will reach a top speed of 60 mph. It also has excellent fuel economy and there’s space for somebody on the back.

Overall, these three bikes are excellent choices for any new rider.