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  • ADCO Armor 400 Contour fit car cover. This car cover is available with advanced technology for sun and rain protection for the car
  • Coverking satin stretch custom cover is another good choice for all. This car cover is available with excellent smooth quality
  • Car covers known as coverking stormproof is also available with superb quality. Both the rain protection and sun protection is excellent for this car cover
  • Another exclusively used car cover is ultratect car cover. This car cover is also available for excellent sun and rain protection.

Quality Customer Service For Your Auto-Related Needs

Auto ServiceToday, there is no doubt that Americans are among the most mobile people on this planet. Moving to other cities, across state lines and even across the seas to other nations, Americans are on the go with no immediate outlook to lessen their travels.

Whether it’s for enrollment in a new college, a higher paying career move, a wedding or even a military deployment, Americans spend a lot of time on the highways needing their wheels, so to speak.

That being said, being able to transport your car safely, securely and without damage when you can’t drive it yourself is crucially important. Dealing with the right auto transport company and their customer service department becomes your number one asset in getting your auto, truck or even RV to its awaited destination–in one piece.

Listed below are some of the most common tips of advice that quality, online web sites related to everything auto, such as Wheels-Express, can give you when needed. 

Let Customer Service Get You The Answers

What shipping or transportation charges apply, as well as broker fees, insurance coverage and any hidden fees or otherwise, are among the most important things you need to know up front in either buying or transporting a vehicle. Whether the company has a designated customer service department or a broker handling the transactions, customer service of some sort is a must.

Place of Origin and Destination

Will there be someone at home to hand over the keys for pickup? Don’t forget to let the broker or driver know if anyone will be there to accept delivery of the vehicle and attest to its condition.

Billing Questions

Be certain to get all charges on paper before handing over any credit card information. You shouldn’t be billed until all your sticking points are resolved.

If placing the order online, an auto transport broker usually contacts you via email with a shipping quote or estimate. On your approval, the charges are then processed. However, any quote given you that is not approved by you is usually canceled with a full refund credited to your credit card account.

Adequate Insurance With A Written Guarantee

By law, every U.S. auto transporter must have valid insurance ready to display on request. Just what is the coverage involved is the customer’s responsibility.

Getting all the stipulations, terms and facts down on paper can help protect your interests should the unimaginable happen. 

Without having a professional, auto transporter, auto transport broker and customer service department in place, there is a greater risk of something going wrong.

To find out more now, check out the company web site, make some phone calls for word-of-mouth recommendations and check with the Department of Transportation(DOT)for any filed complaints. Taking such precautions ahead of time may help you protect that auto investment for years to come.

Things to Know When Moving a Car Between Close States

MovingACarFor most of us, our cars are our second biggest investments after buying a home. Like a home, we insure vehicles against theft, accident and other damage risks. However, many don’t realize that when a vehicle is loaded onto a carrier for Montana to Colorado auto transport for delivery to a new home, their insurance policy may not provide adequate protection.

To complicate matters even further, some carriers include contract waivers that absolve them of responsibility for damages sustained during transit. For that reason, it’s important to read the contract carefully before signing. Below are some other things to consider about auto transport, to ensure that your car gets to your destination without hassle and extra cost.


Ensure That the Carrier Has Adequate Insurance

All US auto transporters must carry valid insurance, and they should provide a certificate of coverage when they’re asked to do so. Customers should ask questions about the company’s coverage, and determine whether in-transit damages are covered. Some policies only cover certain parts, while other carriers cover the entire car or charge a substantial deductible.


Get a Written Guarantee

Before agreeing with a shipper’s contract terms, you should get special considerations and agreements in writing. Getting it written down can protect you if the unexpected occurs, especially if the carrier is giving you services that aren’t included in a standard contract.


Consult Your Auto Insurer

Depending on the auto insurance policy you have, your insurer may pay for in-transit damage to your vehicle. However, you shouldn’t assume that you’ll be covered; you’ll have to consult your insurer first. Ask the company whether your car is covered during shipment, and whether you have to provide shipping documents as a condition of coverage.


Empty Your Vehicle

Most shippers don’t cover interior damage, and you can reduce your risk by removing loose items before shipment. Items such as loose change, CDs and electronics can become dangerous projectiles during an accident, and they present a burglary risk—which isn’t covered by most shippers doing New York to Connecticut auto transport.


Inspect Upon Pickup

Before the transporter takes your vehicle, they will thoroughly inspect it for pre-existing damage. If you can, you should be on site for the inspection, and you should take photos of your car to accurately record its pre-shipment condition.


Review the Bill of Lading

Once you take delivery of your vehicle, you’ll fill out a bill of lading which details the condition of your car upon drop-off. Don’t forget to check your car thoroughly, starting the engine to detect signs of mechanical failure. If you take delivery at night, check it under good lighting for damage. Once you sign a bill of lading, the shipment is complete and the carrier won’t be liable for damage found later.


Filing a Complaint

If you think a carrier hasn’t provided you with the services you paid for, you can file a complaint with the BBB office in your town. If your vehicle was sent over a state line, you can file with the DOT.

Make Your Oil Refinery More Successful With These Tips And Techniques

chemical pumpsIf you run an oil refinery and are seeking to obtain exceptional levels of success this year, you need to know which strategies to implement in order to realize your professional vision. To get started, consider the value of using the following business-building tips and techniques: 

1. Obtain Great Chemical Pumps.
As an oil refinery industry leader, you likely work with chemicals on a regular basis. For this reason, obtaining excellent chemical process pumps is important. When you’re ready to find the ideal product provider from which to purchase your good, consider Master Pumps & Power. The company offers competitive prices, quick delivery, and exceptional customer service. 

2. Put Your Employees First.
An oil refinery is only as strong as its weakest member. With that idea in mind, be sure that you’re taking the time to ensure that your employees are as competent as possible. These days, there are a wide range of strategies you can implement to make it happen. For example, you can offer your staff members the opportunity to optimize and expand their skill set by enrolling in ongoing educational courses. These days, the courses can be completed in the comfort and privacy of the employee’s home via internet. Another great way to put your employees first is to focus on fostering a calm, non-hostile work environment. One great way to put this process in motion is to have office parties that help co-workers mix and mingle in a fun, relaxing way that promotes community. 

3. Make Self Optimization A Must.
If you’re serious about taking your oil refinery to a new level of success, make self optimization a must. When you focus on optimizing aspects of your self such as health, cultural competence, emotional intelligence, and networking abilities, you become a bigger asset to your company. There are several ways to get started with the self optimization process, including working with a wellness coach who can teach you how to eat and exercise properly for the purpose of maximizing your energy levels and work productivity. 

Getting your oil refinery to grow like never before does not have to be a complex, convoluted process. In fact, you can keep the process simple by developing a strategic plan predicated on proven principles for success. By integrating the aforementioned tips and techniques into your strategic plan, you’ll likely experience the substantive company growth you desire. Good luck!

What ESP technology is

espESP is an acronym for Enhanced Smart Power where the purpose of the technology is to create a machine that is fuel efficient, environmentally friendly and powered. Initially ESP technology was applied globally Honda in 2011 ago. Currently there are 3 new Honda motorcycle equipped with this engine, the Honda PCX 150, Vario Techno, and BEAT ESP 2015. The three motorcycles are marketed in Southeast Asia, especially in Indonesia. ESP provides combustion technology on a perfect through vertical rotation and maximum flow while mixing fuel with air, so that the spreading is more evenly. In addition, this technology can reduce friction with the application of an offset cylinder, roller rocker arm and cylinder walls textured to keep a perfect circular shape so as to reduce distortion and other losses due to friction.

Through an optimal way, the basic ESP technology is able to provide maximum benefit to the motorcycle. ESP Technology can maximize the efficient combustion and minimize friction to reduce the risk of wasted, and can optimize the energy that comes out of the precious fuel. With the workings of the latest offset cylinder, frictions between piston and cylinder components become more minimal so that power transmitted to the crankshaft would be more perfect. While the linear surface of the piston is also made with a texture like orange peel which is claimed to remove heat more rapidly.

In addition, ESP is integrated with the ACG starter which is able to start the engine more subtle without sound, as well as the basis for the application of advanced features Idling Stop System (ISS) which is able to turn off the engine when stationary for more than 3 seconds and riders only need to pull the gas lever to turn it on again. One of the advantages of this technology is a very low noise level. This technology allows the Honda Beat ESP turns on silent without a sound condition.