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Cars with the Worst Safety Records

“As society progresses, our interests tend to change. This is true for all things, including cars. What used to be the most important aspect of a car a few years ago is not so important, all of a sudden. A perfect example is safety. Nowadays, it is clearly one of the most important aspects and, for a lot of people, the most important. One of the first things that people do is check the safety rating. No car is expected to do well unless it gets really good marks in the standardized industry safety tests. However, there was a time when this was clearly not a huge concern. This is made obvious by taking a look at some of the cars that had the worst safety records and were, for the most part, deathtraps on the road.

1. Ford Pinto
We might as well start off with a car that became infamous thanks to its appalling safety record – the Ford Pinto. It had a reputation for simply bursting into flames when it was occasionally rear-ended. It even earned the dubious nickname “the barbecue that seats four”. The problem was the location of the gas tank and, more importantly, the lack of protection surrounding it. Things would have went better if the Pinto had a real rear bumper, but, as it turned out, the gas tank was very vulnerable and could explode on impact. To make matters worse, the doors weren’t so good and tended to get jammed after an accident, trapping people inside. The results were numerous lawsuits and a permanent stain on Ford’s reputation.
2. Chevrolet Corvair
This car was so bad that it became the focus of a bestseller that warned others against its destructive nature. This time, it is not the gas tank that was the problem, but simply the fact that you could not take a corner at even moderate speeds without risking to go into the scenery. As the story goes, the incredibly bad handling was the result of a missing component which Chevrolet decided to skip in order to save money. That component cost $6 to make, but the lawsuits and the bad press would end up costing Chevrolet a lot more than that.
3. Yugo
The Yugo was made in Yugoslavia and when it came out in the US it cost $4,000, making it the cheapest new car on the market. It is pretty safe to say that nobody was expecting incredible performance or safety features from it. However, the number of things that could go wrong in the Yugo almost became a selling point. If you had a Yugo, you knew that your car was unique since nobody else will have the exact same problems you did.
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