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Why Are So Many People Buying Diesel Cars?

Diesel cars used to have a reputation for being slow, smelly and old. Diesel technology has improved a lot over the last couple of years. Today, diesel engines run efficiently, and they get better gas mileage than conventional gas cars. Consumers are starting to pick up on the benefits of owning a diesel-powered car; between 2010 and 2012 diesel car registrations increased by about 24 percent.

Why Are People Making The Switch?

More Power
There’s a reason big trucks always run on diesel; they use the fuel because it is more powerful than traditional gasoline. When you buy a diesel-powered car, the engine has more torque and power; this means more towing power and faster acceleration rates.

Diesel Cars Run Clean
New engine technology has totally transformed the diesel engine. Today’s diesel-powered cars run quietly, and they don’t emit noxious fumes like older cars used to. Diesel engine technology has come a lot further than regular fuel burning cars.

Fewer Trips To The Gas Station
Diesel fuel costs more than regular fuel per gallon, but the fuel packs a bigger punch. It’s estimated that diesel fuel burns about 30 percent slower than regular gasoline; with diesel, you don’t have to fill up your tank as often. In the long-run, you end up saving a lot of money on fuel.

Easily Customizable Cars
Diesel cars have always attracted people who love to customize their cars. Today’s diesel cars attract a large customer base, but the tradition of making modifications hasn’t died. People love going to stores like to buy custom parts for their engine and car. People who drive diesel-powered cars are passionate about them. This makes it easy to hop online to find thousands of customizations that you can easily do yourself; customizations make your car a little more special.

Diesel Cars Hold Value Better
There’s not a lot of diesel cars on the market; once people get a diesel car, they aren’t likely to sell it. When people hold on to their cars longer, it makes their resale value go up. It’s tough to find used diesel-powered cars for sale, so if you’re trying to sell yours, you can ask for a higher price. People are glad to pay for the quality and savings that a diesel car provides.

Diesel car technology has changed the way people view diesel engines; they’re no longer loud, dirty and expensive. New diesel-powered cars run clean. They provide value to their owners; this is why so many people are making the switch.