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France Planning To Offer World’s Most Generous Grant

Electric CarsIf you thought the £5,000 grant available to UK electric car drivers was a lot, your mind is about to be blown because in France, the aim is to provide a grant worth more than double that! French ecology, sustainable development and energy minister Marie-Segolene Royal has submitted a bill which, if passed, would increase the existing EV grant in France from €6,300 to €16,300!

Is France Seeking The #1 Spot For EV Usage?
At present, Norway is rated as the #1 country in the world when it comes to electric car usage but this extra-generous grant could bring France to the top table. Yet this is perhaps only part of the story. It could be a very clever move by the French since national car manufacturers such as Renault could benefit handsomely. For example, those who drive a German made Volkswagen diesel car might decide to change to an electric car and Renault just happen to have a model called the Renault Zoe.

According to Totally Electric Cars: “Renault has four electric vehicles on the market so the ‘Made in France’ advantage will also yield increasing profit.” This is an interesting point and the same website also maintains that Renault’s alliance with Japanese manufacturer Nissan will also benefit.

One would expect there to be opposition to the bill but given the possible positive impact it would have on the French electric car industry, it is likely the bill will receive the green light. Currently, France just about scrapes into the top 5 when it comes to global electric car sales but recently, EV sales have been falling so this new grant is Royal’s way of fighting back.

Additionally, Renault’s overall market share has dropped and while Scandinavian countries have embraced EV technology, the rest of Europe is lagging behind. If it takes exceptionally generous grants to get more electric cars on the road then so be it. The long-term positive impact of having millions of EVs on the world’s roads far outweighs any short-term expense.