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Five Reasons for Refurbishing Fire Apparatus

Fire ApparatusOperating outdated fire apparatus can cause a fire-fighting team to be less effective than if their trucks were more modern. This being said, many fire departments (especially those in rural or depressed areas) have very few resources on which to count in terms of funding new equipment.

Fortunately, in most cases the fire apparatus can be refurbished for a fraction of the cost of new equipment. The following are several reasons why refurbishing makes as much or more sense than purchasing new equipment when it comes to fire apparatus.

Cutting costs
As mentioned before, refurbishing fire trucks that already exist as part of a fleet can be less costly than purchasing new ones. This is especially true when most of the trucks in the fleet are relatively modern already. If this is the case, refurbishing entails some basic repairs and updates, all of which will fit into an already-strained budget much more comfortably than the purchase of brand-new equipment.

According to, refurbishing costs are much easier to justify to financial boards because they require a lesser commitment. Besides, it is a given that equipment which is already in the possession of a fire department needs to be updated and maintained periodically. A complete refurbishment fits well into this school of reasoning.

Safety Is At Stake
Fire-fighting equipment is used not only to transport people from place to place, but also to play a major role in the safety of others. This is the main reason for refurbishing used fire apparatus. Equipment that is used often and with great intensity can become defective over time, and repairs in the style of patchwork cannot be expected to endure nearly as much or be as reliable as a complete refurbishment. Although refurbishing a fire truck can take up to a year’s time in some cases, once the job is finished, the department can rest assured that all of the truck’s components are up-to-date in terms of safety and current legislation.

The Emergence of New Technology
Each New Year sees further advances in terms of the technology used when fighting fires. Outdated technology, even that which is in perfect working order can delay response time and prohibit fire-fighters from doing their best work to save buildings and lives. Implementing the latest fire-fighting technology is crucial when it comes to timing and saved lives. Also, fire apparatus that is not up-to-date may lack the tools and the strength necessary to fight the more severe fires.

There are no set guidelines for when used fire apparatus needs to be refurbished, but the NFPA offers informal suggestions about when and how to determine if a refurbishment is in order. Usually, all of the above factors are considered when a department or agency decides to update or purchase trucks.

Although refurbishing existing fire apparatus may not be the ideal option for every fire department, it is a viable one for most. It is a way to cut costs while ensuring safety and maintaining equipment to reflect the latest technology available.