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What are the top 3 Ford cars to buy

New car sales continue to soar in Britain, with 1,325,851 vehicles bought by motorists so far as of July 2013. The remainder of the year is looking to be just as bright, with the Society of Motor Manufactures and Traders predicting that new car sales will reach 2,216,000 units by the end of 2013.

It’s no surprise that Ford reigns supreme as the best-selling brand in the country, with over 188,000 vehicles sold and a massive 14.25-percent market share. Few other automakers offer the astounding combination of reliability, value, style and versatility that Ford’s automotive line-up offers on a regular basis. Ford is popular with many people from the used Ford Mondeo available at Bristol Street Motors to the Ford Fiesta everyone has a favourite Ford. The top three Fords mentioned here are definitely the ones to pick if you’re in the market for a new car:

– around £13,995

At number two on the list of best-selling cars is the Fiesta’s larger sibling, the Ford Focus. Like the Fiesta, the Focus shares the Aston Martin-like front grille that’s quickly become Ford’s corporate look. It also helps that the Fiesta offers a comfortable and rewarding driver experience thanks to its finely-tuned suspension and selection of capable and fuel-efficient engines.

On the other hand, the boot opening could stand to be a bit larger and the cabin quality could be a bit better. Nevertheless, the Focus makes a compelling buy if you’re in search of a competitive family car.

Ford S-Max MPV – around£22,805

Ford’s next-to-largest MPV makes a compelling option if you don’t need the tremendous size of the larger Galaxy but still need the versatility that a MPV offers. The S-Max features a couple of turbocharged petrol engines – the 1.6 and the 2.0 – but most buyers will opt for the economical TDCi diesel motors, especially the 138bhp 2.0-litre. Overall, the S-Max offers plenty of headroom and legroom, plus the seats fold flat for cargo-hauling duty. Even with all seven seats up and ready, there’s still room in the back for a couple of bags.

The S-Max starts out at a relatively affordable £22,805, but prices can quickly become dire as buyers add on the options. The fact that the S-Max starts off relatively loaded with features such as dual-zone climate control and electric windows explains a lot.


Ford Fiesta – around £9,995

With 72,129 sales under its belt, the Ford Fiesta available at Bristol Street Motors holds the crown of best-selling car in Britain today. The feisty hatchback offers a sterling combination of sharp styling, great value, impressive performance and amazing levels of refinement and precision. The Fiesta also offers a broad range of fuel-efficient and economical engines, with the most efficient engine returning 85 mpg while emitting just 87g/km of CO2.

Although the Fiesta surpasses its rivals in most respects, the base models still lag behind some of the competition in terms of standard equipment. At least the Edge adds niceties like air-conditioning, front electric windows and remote locking.