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What are the best Honda bikes for new riders

When you’re first starting to learn riding a bike, it’s important to choose a machine that you’re comfortable with – after all, you will likely have this machine for a year, and it could even be the bike that you take your test on. Once you’ve passed your CBT, you’re free to ride a bike on L plates with a capacity of up to 125cc.

If you’re looking for a good 125cc motorbike to find your feet on, consider these excellent options from Honda.


1. Honda CBR125R

The Honda CBR125R looks fantastic – this is a sport bike through and through, despite the bikes lowly engine capacity. With a comfortable ride, easy to use controls, excellent grip and linear power delivery, this is an excellent choice for a new rider. This bike has 13 bhp and 8 lb /ft of torque, but it weighs only 127kg, so it has a good power to weight ratio. It will reach a top speed of 70 mph.

This is one of the most reliable 125cc motorbikes in the world. It will serve you well, and once you’re ready, you can make the jump to a CBR250R.


2. Honda CBF125

This bike, in my opinion, looks even better than the CBR – the CBF is more relaxed and more of a cruiser, with a more upright riding position, which will be more comfortable for newer riders. This bike has a reputation for comfort, quality and running costs, and the seat has plenty of room for a passenger. So good is this bike that many experienced bikers use one in built up city centres, where the need for a big and powerful bike that guzzles fuel is low.

This bike has a brand new price of just £2,600, and Honda offer fantastic finance deals over 3 years, allowing you to spread the cost. Biking has never been more accessible!


3. Honda CG125

If sport bike looks aren’t your thing, you can do far worse than a Honda CG125. This bike lays claim to being one of the most comfortable and smooth 125cc’s on the market, and although it was launched in 1985, it has been continuously improved over its lifetime and today it’s better than ever. This is undoubtedly the sensible choice when it comes to choosing your very first proper bike. Grantham Honda used bikes include the CG125, and they recommend this for newer riders.

This bike has 11 bhp and 7 lb /ft of torque, weighs 114 kg, and will reach a top speed of 60 mph. It also has excellent fuel economy and there’s space for somebody on the back.

Overall, these three bikes are excellent choices for any new rider.