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Four Luxury Vehicles That Don’t Look All That Luxury

“If you’ve got the six-figure income and the lifestyle that allows for a luxury car, you should get a luxury car. Go for it – you only live once so might as well live like it! There are so many choices in the luxury car market that you can almost do no wrong. But you certainly can do wrong. The two most important things about a luxury car is your personal comfort while driving, and how it looks to others when you’re driving past them. We could go back and forth on which is the more important, but here are a few cars you won’t want to waste the luxury dime on if you’re trying to impress the rest!

1. Infiniti G37

The Infiniti G37, if looked at casually and quickly, would appear to be just any other 4-door sedan that you see, whether it be from Honda or Toyota, Nissan or Ford. It could even be a Hyundai, and that is not intended to be a compliment. The Infiniti line has many cars in its arsenal that could be considered real jaw droppers, so why settle for the G37? Sure, if you don’t care about the outward appearance that this car would be fine, and it’s not bad looking, but it just doesn’t fill the others around you with envy. And if you’re at Infiniti of Mission Viejo trying to get a car like this in the first place, of course you want to generate some envy. There are plenty other infinitis that do just that, take a look here:

2. Acura

We don’t even need to address which vehicle we’re talking about – pretty much all Acuras are thinly veiled Hondas, and they make hardly a fuss about it. Acura is the luxury brand, but it’s almost like they just changed out a few letters on the rear, switched up the logo, and called it good. We scoured and tried to find what separates an Acura from its corresponding Honda, but we couldn’t. The only difference is you pay more, in the hopes that the more impressive sounding manufacturer’s name will somehow change something. Like Honda, an Acura will last a while, they’re good cars, but if you’re going luxury, you have to go for actual luxury.

3. Cadillac CTS
The Cadillac brand is one of the United States’ most classic and well-regarded luxury vehicles. Seems like the very mention of Cadillac elicits calls of envy and harbingers of wealth and influence. You don’t work at the local mill and drive a Caddy. So why does the Cadillac CTS look so pedestrian? It has a front grill that lends a hint at being a good ole fashioned Cadillac, but looks like a poor, plastic reproduction. The body of the car itself is a mere middle of the road sedan. There’s nothing luxurious, no extra frills that speak of your great power, so what’s the point? Are you getting it simply for the higher repair bills? Surely there’s more you can get for your money than a Cadillac CTS.

4. Jaguar XFR

You know what they say about a Jaguar, something about if you have one, you need two because one’s always in the shop. That’s okay, because the Jaguar brand has a long history of making cars so smooth and beautiful that you wouldn’t mind that one is in the shop, because when it’s out it is so eye catching. However, they’ve been trying to, apparently, compete with the ho hum sedan market, as opposed to maintaining their excellent overall appeal. The XFR looks like a slightly spruced up Accord, and that is not what you want to be sporting when you’ve spent as much as you did on your Jag.

It’s important to be confident and cool in your luxury vehicle because no matter what, you’ve spent the money. So might as well flaunt it and get a car that looks like it’s worth what you paid for it. Otherwise, what’s the point?