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Luxury Extras You Might Want To Consider

It’s said that our cars reflect both our personality and how we want to be perceived by the world. Luxury cars have always represented success, affluence and a certain style but in today’s gadget-driven society, it’s the luxury extras which add the finishing touch. We look at some which you might consider for your next luxury vehicle.

Push-button Entry And Ignition Systems
Keyless technology now allows drivers to access their vehicle at the touch of a button. It’s a great safety feature, especially for lone women drivers or those parked in badly-lit areas at night as it negates the need for fumbling around with a bunch of keys. Pushing the button once unlocks the driver’s door, pushing it twice unlocks the other doors. Many also incorporate a panic button which will activate the horn and the lights.

However, problems with keyless ignition systems are becoming more prevalent as, with today’s quieter cars, some owners forget to turn the motor off and leave the vehicle with the engine running. This can cause inconvenience at best and serious injury or even death at worst. If a car is parked in a garage with the engine running there is a chance that carbon monoxide will build up. This is a tasteless, odourless gas which can kill. If you use a keyless ignition system and park your luxury car in a garage, familiarise yourself with how your vehicle works to prevent accidents.

Sat Nav
Becoming standard on most luxury vehicles these days, satellite navigation systems such as the one found on Mercedes’ new E Class, can tell you exactly where you are in the world and help you find where you need to be. Using Global Positioning Systems, first developed by the military, they can also help you in times of trouble: for example if you need to get to the nearest hospital in an emergency. Be careful of inputting your home details, however, as, if your car is ever stolen while you’re out and about, the thieves will know where you live and that there’s a good chance no-one is at home.

Smart Instrument Panels

From how many miles you’ve got left in your tank to how warm it is outside, smart instrument panels convey a range of information in an easy-to-read format. They can also play a vital role in keeping you safe while you drive with innovations such as active blind spot assist, as available on the Mercedes Benz C Class which monitors difficult to see areas of the car, usually towards the rear and active lane-keeping assist which will warn the driver if the car appears to be heading off the road.

Then there’s the equipment which will keep you entertained while you’re driving, such as DAB radios and i-Phone docks to enable you to listen to your own playlist while on the move. And if you have children, rear-seat DVD screens are a fantastic way to keep the relentless chants of, “Are we there yet?” to a minimum. You can also opt for wireless headphones for the kids if the sound of yet another children’s movie drives you to distraction.