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Why the Nissan Versa Note Truly Is Your Door To More

NissanMC-1-1Does the hatchback Nissan Versa Note really open the door to more versatility, style, and fun as all the ads and the very cool owner-supplied video contest seemed to imply? With fun styling and a combined 35 MPG gas mileage, we’d say the hip little car is already off to a great start in winning us over. Let’s take a closer look before we head over to Empire Nissan and check one out for ourselves.

Named Top Value
Right off the bat we should note the 2014 Nissan Versa Note was named the year’s top value in the annual Popular Mechanics Automotive Excellence Awards. That isn’t some obscure little newspaper in the midwest, it’s Popular Mechanics. It’s a pretty big deal that Nissan is pretty proud of—and rightly so. Popular Mechanics made sure to point out the Note gets up to 40 MPG on the highway and said “it represents the very best of an industry filled with new life.” Even more impressive than the high mileage is the low base price of $13,990 and the fact the small Note still offers the same backseat leg room as the larger Chevy Impala. In fact, the back seat in the Versa Note was called downright “enormous” by This is remarkable in a small hatchback. That it manages to offer all this with a 60/40 split rear seat back that folds flat for hauling cargo makes it one of the neatest cars around for college students or anybody with a lot of gear or stuff to transport.

But Wait, There’s More
A backup camera is no big deal today, but the Versa Note takes it to the next level. It has four different cameras that project a 360-degree overhead image onto the infotainment screen with what Nissan calls its Around View Monitor. This is an incredible degree of sophistication for a system found in an entry-level sub compact. Experts and reviewers seem to agree the Versa Note offers so much more bang for the buck with its advanced electronics—and the aforementioned stinginess with gas consumption—it’s no wonder Popular Mechanics gave it the top value award.


Anybody looking at subcompact cars today would be well advised to consider the Nissan Versa. has them and a host of other great cars and trucks to choose from. Check them out today.