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Great Family Staycation Ideas

Are you in the market for an adventure with your family? Depending on your budget you can select an exotic destination or go for local, daily staycation excursions. Enjoying outdoor activities with your family will fulfill many goals. A sense of calm, family bonding and reconnecting with nature are all benefits of local staycations.  Staycations are also budget friendly. Follow these recommendations from the travel experts for successful staycations that the entire family is sure to enjoy.  Start making your memories!

Without the cost of plane ticket, taking advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons and outfitting the family with new athletic shoes from Footlocker becomes very affordable. Engage the entire family in selecting excursions for your staycation. Are there great forests or state parks within a few hours of your home?  If you’ve had it on your list to explore your local parks and hiking trails, a staycation is a perfect opportunity to enjoy this.  Have some rainy day options on your list. These can include trips to local museums or even the movie theater.

Amusement parks, sporting events and the local zoo are all options that the entire family can enjoy. It can be somewhat liberating to have a week off of work and not be stressed about the expense of a costly vacation. We often forget how many great opportunities for entertainment and relaxation are in our own back yard. If you have a full week of vacation, consider having one family member in charge of the activity for a designated day. If you have young children or teenagers, this can certainly be empowering. You’re also communicating to them that you respect their ideas and what to participate in activities that they find enjoyable.

Leave your stress at home and back at the office. Consider the family staycation a fabulous opportunity for bonding and making life long memories together. Don’t forget to take plenty of pictures!  Enjoy your creative and fun family staycation!