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Traffic School Courses Can Mask Your Traffic Ticket In California

A traffic ticket is a nightmare for any driver- it’s a pricey affair & would even add bad points on your driving record. However, not many people have the idea that in California you are eligible to mask your traffic ticket by taking up a traffic school course.

Some points to remember
You will only be eligible to take up the traffic school course to mask the traffic ticket if-

  • If you are accused of some minor traffic violation or have received one point.
  • If you haven’t taken up such a course within last 18 months.

Remember if you have received the ticket outside your county of residence, the rules of that county & not the residing county would apply here.

Courses available both online & offline
The traffic school courses in California are available both online & offline. The online traffic schools are mostly preferred today as these allow you to study anytime and from wherever you wish to. There is no need to attend any conventional classroom here as is usual with conventional brick & mortar schools.

Requirements for online course
To take up the online course you have to have a computer, fitted with stable internet connection. As the virtual courses include Flash graphic-enriched videos, make sure your browsing device is compatible to Flash systems. If you are taking to iPhone or iPad get that special Flash compatible app to experience the online course materials at their best. Besides, some of the courses would require you to download PDF documents for taking the test in presence of a notary.

 The course cost
The cost of the online traffic school courses would vary on your choice of traffic school. There are reputed virtual traffic schools in California offering licensed courses within as little as 18.95 USD.

Class duration
There is no specific time duration to finish your traffic school courses online, unlike traditional schools. The online ambience enables you to study and finish at your own pace- if you’re a quick learner you can end up within a single shot while otherwise you are always at liberty to go gradually on your own rhythm.

Pass marks
You have to secure minimum 70 percent cut off to pass the test.

After you finish the course completely, your online school would take up the responsibility to to mail up (electronically) your certificate to DMV.