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Top Video Game Vehicles

Video games have become part of modern life and many elements present in video games have become a part of pop culture. This describes characters, scenes, lines, weapons and also vehicles. You’ll not find a more eclectic band of vehicles than the ones within video games and below are a few of the most famous.
1. Tank in Grand Theft Auto
There are several vehicles from which to choose in the Grand Theft Auto series, though the tank will hold a special devote any gamer’s heart. Whenever the gamer wanted to forego the tale mission and simply wreak havoc, the tank was a good choice. With it, you in turn become completely indestructible and something that is foolish enough to get in your way gets annihilated.
2. Frozen treats Truck in Twisted Metal
Because the name Twisted Metal might suggest, this is a game about vehicular carnage where you get to drive around at a various contraptions and try to destroy one other ones. Again, there have been plenty of options to choose from, nevertheless the most iconic could be the Ice Cream Truck which belongs to Sweet Tooth, the crazy killer with his head on fire who also actually is the mascot for that series.
3. Warthog in Halo
The Halo series offers a good amount of varied vehicles to choose from such as tanks and flying ships, but it is the Warthog which can be preferred by most easily because it is the one which is most readily available. It has also been featured in all of the Halo games it comes with you can drive around while your buddy mans the turret creates a whole lot of fun.
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